Using HA behind office firewall

Hi there all,
I try to access via web at Home Assistance from my office where I’m behind the company firewall.

I found an open port 8081 in my company firewall,
so I forwarded in my router the 8081 port to rasp:8123

If I open the HA from my office PC the login page it’s ok … I can see it
So I can type my password… after I click Login nothing’s happen…
After about 10 seconds of “Connecting” status, I receive “Unable to connect”

But… if I’m connect from another device that is not behind the company firewall… the login it’s work.

Anybody can help me please ?
Thanks a lot

Quite honestly, your best bet is your companies IT department. If they don’t want you to bypass the company firewall for this they will let you know. If it is OK they can look through the logs and help you resolve the issue. If it were my company firewall, I would probably fire you or at least warn you not to try something like this again.

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I regret that I can only give @zarthan one like.

Installing an unapproved device in your company’s network is likely to get you fired. If there’s any security incident that occurs as a result, being fired may be the least of your issues. Then there’s also the question HR (and likely your boss) will ask of why you’re not doing your job while at work.

If you own the business, that’s fine. If you don’t, keep work for work and personal time for personal stuff.

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Thanks for the answer but maybe you’re not understand …the device is not in my company
…the device is at home, it’s a raspberry.
The 8081 is an output port …I want to connect from the build to my home.
Another think this is my company(iron work) :-),
but I must use the build network.

Also I can’t log in via ssh, and when I arrive at home there is a lot of log…
I don’t know how to find it. Maybe tomorow I’ll record the exact time.

What I want to know from you is if you know if there is another
port that HA use with login procedure.

Thanks again

Understood completely. My answer stands. As I posted in my first answer, check with your IT department. If they are OK with you accessing your home machine from work, through the firewall, get them to help. If not, quit trying. Use your phone and it’s data connection to access it.

If you expose HA via port 443, traffic probably won’t be blocked. Port 8081 might be used for some special purpose in your company (otherwise it would be blocked as well I assume), so maybe the traffic is mangled somehow. There also could be a proxy inbetween that doesn’t support websocket traffic as well.

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Yes… this maybe can solve the thinks
Thanks a lot for the help

No no… I think you’re still not understand.
I have a company that rent an office…
The office is in a build that rent a connection.
The connection that I pay is not mine… and is not of my company.
The IT office is not an IT activity of my company.
I only pay the building connection.
Thanks anyway

Well for the other that can have the same problem.
I have sent an email at the IT department and they told me that I must use HTTPS (secure web address)
in order to access on my HA at home.

I have install nginx proxy and SSL certificate from here:

(my HA installation is hassbian)

Now all it’s work… and I can log in into HA :slight_smile:

Thanks all

Good news. Glad you got it sorted out and that the IT were able to help.

They ask me to retry and they see the error on the log.
Ask me to make all ssl… and voilla :slight_smile:

Thanks all again