Using modbus tcp to collect data from an ABB UNO-DM solar inverter


I’d like to do the other way round, i.e. acquiring data from the inverter using Home Assistant, which I’m already doing, since my inverter has no serial port, and now I’d like to transfer data to 123solar. Any idea?


@janser01 I have been using the rest file on HA taken from 123Solar for more than a year without problems.
I would like to have a more immediate reading.
you think something can be done to make MeterN write data as fast as possible to the metern / programs / programlive.php file

Thank you


To be honest, I’m not running the integration at this moment. 123Solar on docker proved to be extremely unstable and I haven’t invest any time in it to figure it out. I think you’d be better off asking your question on the 123solar forum

just if it helps, we have a very versatile data collection software that runs on a Raspberry Pi (and other SBCs) and collects data from a range of solar inverters and kWh meters, and posts that to a cloud repository. it includes SunSpec compliant devices but if you have a Modbus Map for a device you can also use a Generic Modbus Device plugin. it is 100% open source as well: and RPi boot images are here:

Hi Rich,

Do you know if there is a way to retrive even the State Of Charge (SOC) of the battery pack? I found the registry key for the inverter temperature, but nothing on the batteries…


Hi Frederico,
Unfortunately I don’t have batteries.
The only way that I know how to find it would be to use ‘modpoll’.
See my first post.

Thanks, unfortunately there isn’t a full modbus documentation on my ABB/FIMER React2 :frowning: Takes a life to get the whole registry and find a match with my dashboard values…

Right now I’m trying a different approach using local TCP connection over Wifi and using values from JSON.


Ho everybody

Has anybody managed to connect his ABB uno PV3 to the energy tab ?