Using Raspberry Pi to pair with 433Mhz switch

I have bought a set of 433Mhz wall outlet switches to use with Home assistant.
I already have them working with the RF switch component for RPI.

These particular switches are paired using a remote that came with them.
Now my question is, can i pair them directly with my RPI?
This way i dont need multiple remotes.

I have no idea how RF parring protocols work, but thought it would be nice thing to play with.

If anyone have some insights, or can guide me to a place i can find som information on this, please let me know :slight_smile:

I don’t know about directly from a Pi, but this uses an esp8266 via mqtt

You can install an MQTT broker on the Pi and use it HA that way.

This should help

Thanks for the reply’s.
Maybe im not being clear.
I can controll the outlets via. my RPI and a transmitter.
My “problem” is that i have a remote with only 5 “channels” on it.
Therefore i can only use 5 diffrent plugs, without getting a new remote, since the Plug and Remote “pairs” and “decide” a code to talk together.

What i would like, is to be able to decide this code WITHOUT the remote.
This way i could press pair on the Socket, and pair it directly with my RPI, and i would be able to have unlimited plugs :slight_smile:
But i need to figure out how the remote and plug decide on which codes means what.

(My current setup was made by following the video by BRUH.)

You should take a look to the PiLight software, its fully compatible with HA.
It supports a loot of different 433Mhz protocols, there are differnent types of them, for example switches using pair modes or using DIP switches. With a 433 reciever on your RasPi, you can read out the codes and intigrate then in HA.

Great! Sounds like what i need!

Ok I dont want to whitewash, but getting the first switch running is a little pain in the ass. But when it’s running, its perfect. I’m using 10 switches (paring ones and DIPs), its working great.

If you need some help, just let me know

Just one last little tip, unplug the reciever when you dont need it in usual operation. It will lower ur CPU load ~20%

I use Pilight, but at the moment I get no status update if a light or whatever is set by hand or pilight itself, HASS doesn’t change the status. Has anybody solved that?

Hey jayjay,

I am not an expert, but I am afraid you can’t do that, these RF switches communicate only in one direction.