Using RTL-SDR to read value from wireless electric/gas/water meters

while True:
completed =[ '/home/projects/bin/rtlamr' , -filterid=1481976504', '-format=json' , '-duration=1440m' , '-msgtype=r900' ], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subproc$

try :
data=json.loads(completed.stdout.decode( "utf-8" ))
except ValueError:
print ( **"Error"** )

it still errors out…

I tried this one too, and am getting an error here too

david@raspberrypi:~$ python3
  File "", line 19
    proc = subprocess.Popen([‘/home/projects/bin/rtlamr’, '-filterid=1481976504', '-format=json’, ‘-msgtype=r900’],stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

the quote character is different, the error says that clearly.

What are all the characters in the end and the **, Use RTLAMR: RTL-SDR to read electric/gas/water meters · GitHub and just change the following line

completed =[‘/home/pi/go/bin/rtlamr’,‘-filterid=1481976504’, ‘-single=true’, ‘-format=json’, ‘-duration=10m’, ‘-msgtype=r900’], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL)

yes those ## are not in my code, how it was copied over, apparently it doesn’t like spaces, but it’s working now! How do i get the data over if i have a leak? that is part of the json, but it only reads the meter reading

Weidly if i change the time to 24 hours in minutes, it will work for 10-15 mintes but then error out, if i change the time interval to 10 m it doesn’t work at all…

Looks like PG&E will allow you to use zigbee devices if you register your MAC…
I’ve got a nortek HUSBZB-1, and if I can figure out the MAC address, hopefully I can register it with PG&E to stream my data!

Anyone know how to find the MAC address of a usb radio?

Thanks in advance

how do you register your mac address if you find it?

There’s a form to fill out.
this is what they require under the “stream my data” tab in your pg&e account:

The install code is apparently provided by the manufacturer as well (i spoke to pg&e).

I hope this helps!

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do you have the link for this?

No, you’ve got to log into your account then in your billing page you should see a “stream my data” section you can click on that will take you to the registration…
It’s not very intuitive but it’s there…

You can try this:

do you use pge for electricity too? I only use them for gas

I use pg&e for both.

it might work for you, but i have it just for gas

I got everything up and running and was able to read my water meter because the frequency was printed on the side of the box… My gas and electric meters I assume are wireless as they are scanned by a car that drives by occasionally… but i have no idea what their frequencies are at (or if the signals are encrypted). I can’t find good suggestions on how to scan all frequencies to figure out where it’s sitting… any suggestions?

did you get your gas meter into home-assistant?

Nope. not yet. I think i’ll try the RTL-SDR rout once I get around to it.

anyone from on, ca was able to setup this ? i checked my water meter brand is napolean which is not in list. can’t figure out what my gas and electricity brand is.

I am in US, California, We have PG&E, does that work with them??? I just order the NESDR, Will be here un a couple days, I need to know how can I get the info I need for it. Thanks!!!

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