Using shelly in home assistant installed in proxmox

Hello all

I posting this question in this forum because i feel that only here will i have a response from individuals thant may have the experince necessary to assist me.

I currently have HA installed on a laptopthat has debian installed on which ni installed ha supervised,

I currently use z-wave and shelly devices in my automations and all works fine

I am aboslutly a novice in virtulisation.

I have successfuly installed proxmox 7.2 on a dell r710

Here i created vms for opnsense and home assistant os.

Now it is time to confifure home assitant.

The issue i would like help on is; with the configuration of the wifi functionality to integrate shelly devices in this environment…

I was told that i can passthrouh several usb to haosVM in the proxmox environment

How do I add a usb wifi dongle to the dell 710 and have it passthrough to home assistant and home assistant reconising and using it

In addition I saw several youtube videos on zwave usbs. Although th videos were ik o eeu based they mentionned othe zwave usb and they mention the norteck usb is it compatible with err frequencies ?

Thank you in advance for your help

First suggestion: use the script in the first post here to install HA on ProxMox: Installing Home Assistant OS using Proxmox 7

If the laptop has networking, WiFi or hard wired, ProxMox will bridge the connection to HA, so you don’t need an additional ethernet adapter. That’s the beauty of virtualization!

For the Z-Wave USB stick, start with your HA VM shutdown. Plug the stick in to your ProxMox server, configure the hardware in your HA VM, then start the HA VM. HA should see it, and you should be able to configure the integration to use it. See mine below, with a Zigbee and a Z-Wave stick passed through:


Thank you for responding and for your help.this is greatly appreciated

It is not a laptop

I did follow the script you mention for the installation of proxmox and HAos. Thank you it works

Regarding the wifi connectivity

I need it to support shelly devices (and eventually BT)

The server has no such connectivity

At the moment my vm set up looks like yours with 2 usb added

and i see my shelly devices…

will i be able to do the same with a BT dongle?.

Thank you so much now i have done one more step forward

Hello Again

Thank you for this help @DaveBoring

I did install the wifi usb and the shelly components have all been pairred into HA.

I will presume that this could be done with a 3rd usb (for zigbee) later next year

Again Thank you so much for this help