Using usb_modeswitch and USB Modem with HassOS

I have problem to use USB Modem with HassOS.
I need command to change (swtich) working mode of modem usb_modeswitch
But i dont have this command in host. If i use docker debian its not switching/working.


What version of HassOS do you have? What is the Linux Kernel revision on it?
I’m asking since on my case I had the same problem when updated to the version in the picture.

usb_modeswitch runned by itself and switch the USB Modem to Eth device, in the System information you could see that the USB modem was already used and provided an IP.

The solution in my case was to edit /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf file and set HuaweiAltModeGlobal to 1. After this unplug the USB device, restart the system, plug it back in and it works.