Using WIFI with blue (ODroid N2)

I dont know where to put this; hardware section, OS section?

Is there a way to get a wifi dongle to work with blue hardware? Similar to how you can insert a USB stick with the proper wifi credentials into a RPI?

I had been using wifi with the RPI without issue; would like to do the same thing for the odroid N2, as where I have it placed, I cant run a ethernet cable to it cleanly (to the wifes standards)

I have exactly the same question. Nobody seems to have the answer.

How did you do it with the Raspberry ?

They used to have a procedure on the installation page, but it appears they updated them and now I dont see it. This post seems close. You pretty much have to create a mynetwork file and place it a USB stick. Boot up the PI and it should read it and connect.

Did you guys get it to work on wifi?

I just ran an ethernet cable to it and called it a day. Havent really looked into it since I posted this thread.

HA OS is based on Buildroot ( As far as I can tell, the OS is assembled and packaged for a particular target computer. I’ve looked and have yet to find a way of adding additional drivers for USB devices once the OS has been loaded on the target. If anyone figures out how to do it, it should be documented and added to the HA OS documentation.

Edit: USB discovery is in the works. It might appear as early as next week:

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@pocket do you think this will work for wifi adaptors too? How will I be able to tell if its part of the new update? Will I have to provide a file with my SSID and password?

Unfortunately, I think the scope is limited to USB adapters for Z-Wave, Zigbee, and the like. When I recently asked about the apparent shortcoming of HA OS regarding USB peripherals, it was confirmed by Franck Nijhof.

The only long-shot possibility is if you install HA OS with a mated WiFi adapter, it may recognize it and load a driver on the fly. Some Linux distributions do this, but I’d be astonished if Buildroot is one of them.

Has there been any updates to this thread. Can Home Assistant Blue be used with a WiFi receiver ?

The only way I can think of is by replacing HA OS with HA Supervised.
That is, you install a supported Debian version on your Odroid N2+, manually add the wifi driver, manually configure it to work with the OS and then manually install HA Supervised.
The caveat, of course, is that - by adding the wifi driver to the supported Home Assistant Supervised over Debian installation, it essentially becomes unsupported…
I fail to see the point in HA Supervised because of this provision, as there is no reason to use your own Debian install if you cannot play with it to your hearts content.

FYI - this is supposed to work. See this github issue

Some more info: Guide: Connecting Pi with Home Assistant OS to wifi (or other networking changes) - Home Assistant OS - Home Assistant Community (