Using ZHA Groups, State update dont happen or too slow


Not sure anyone has had these issues before but I moved all my light groups in HA to ZHA groups in an effort to reduce zigbee traffic and make it more efficient. All works fine no issue, however what i have noticed is that the state of devices do not update, or take a very long time, sometimes 30mins ++ to update to the correct state.

Switching it on and off multiple times as a group usually sorts it and it works for the next few times before the same thing starts happening again. It seems to only happen to the lights I have grouped as ZHA groups.

Any suggestions where I might start to dig?

I’ve had stability issues with ZHA groups and have been jumping between Conbee and Silicon Labs dongles, Zigbee2MQTT and ZHA for a month. Major reliability issues started with ZHA in January but ZHA groups are their worst with my Silicon Labs dongle. I just ordered two LAN controllers from EBay to elevate the controller capability of my network because the difference between Conbee and the other suggests it could be the hardware. The USB dongles are great for POC but I’m starting to believe they will never deliver the reliability needed for a 10+ node mesh. I have 60 devices, many routers but the brain just doesn’t seem to have the juice once I have 80% paired.

Thanks for sharing. Let me know if it works.

I’m at 98 devices now mostly routers and definitely annoying as state always goes out of sync. I was thinking it is a ZHA issue thanks for confirming you see it in Z2MQTT

Guessing the root cause is interference as that is very common issue with all Zigbee dongles, see:

and of course, also follow best practices for devices too:

Hi Hedda,

Thanks for input. What I have now is the dongle up on an extension usb2.0 active cable. Since I’m using a fairly new Intel NUC it only has USB 3.0 ports. Not sure if the cable being an active cable can be an issue.

I left the ZigBee channel on 15 cause wifi is pretty clean where I am, only my house wifi visible, and i moved the wifi to a non interfering channel as was easier.

Funnily enough when I have automations run with individual commands it works fine, only groups is giving me an issue. Also no issue with pairing, I’m able to pair quite seamlessly after flashing the latest 2021 firmware on the sonoff dongle.

I do remember it was working fine before but one of the updates this year and it’s just broken.

I’m just addressing the lights in a group individually now, i know not best practice but seem to be the only thing that works :frowning:

Not sure if using active USB extension cable matters or not but at least be to get it away from USB 3.0

If computer only has USB 3.0 ports then the recommendation is to get a powered USB 2.0 hub for it.


Oh, and that is no longer the latest firmware, see →

Would having a hub change the endpoint of the Dongle? I remember changing the endpoint would mean we have to re-setup everything. :frowning:

Ah yes I saw, but doesnt seem to be any significant changes that I can see from last version that seems to be working quite well for me, well apart from this group stuff of course.

I had a bit of a nightmarish update, I was forced to re-pair all my 90++ devices the last time. Was quicker than before as with the update it picked things up fairly quicker than the original firmware that was on the stick.

Still not fun especially when wifey is asking why this and that is not working :smiley:

It might change the serial port device path depending how you addressed it in the ZHA config, but changing the device path config in ZHA does not need you need to re-setup anything, just correct the device path if not using the unique id as device patch and the dongle got assigned another serial port.

Be sure to check upstream bug-fixes in links as each SimpleLink SDK for TI Z-Stack has “Fixed Issues”:

General recommendation is to always do a backup of NVRAM before upgrading firmware, just in case.

If I read the release notes correctly the update is “Changelog” as I have the one version before 5.30

Not sure if any are significant, I cant see updates on the thread if there are any noticeable differences? I posted in the thread anyhow :smiley: let’s see, it is going to be a more measured update this time.

I had everything backed up to be honest, the NVRAM included using zigpy tools, however when it came to restoring the backup it wasnt working, kept throwing errors that didnt make sense to me with my limited dev knowledge working in the IT field :smiley: after an hour and knowing the baby needed to be put to bed, I bit the bullet and paired all the important bits, baby to sleep and redid the other 85 devices. Took me about 2h to finish it all.

Be sure to vote on this feature request for more user-friendly ZHA Zigbee backups built-in by default → ZHA integration to do nightly backup of both Zigbee Coordinator adapter/dongle/stick and Zigbee network/database?

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