Vague message on Repair after installing 2023.7.0

I received a notification after upgrading to the latest version, 2023.7.0.
The message is under Repair:
“This stops working in version 2023.12.0. Please address before upgrading.”

What does “This” refer to? The Repair setting? I could not find any errors in my logs that would indicate I am using any unsupported services or YAML code…

Let me know if you need further info.


Again, I cannot find anything in the logs to indicate what “This” refers to. Let me know if I can send any other info.

I had one of those a couple of releases ago but unfortunately I’ve forgotten what it turned out to be.

Perhaps do another review of the breaking changes to see what might affect you.

Maybe the logo in the first repair dialogue might help you find the correct integration?

I don’t know for sure if that’s just a generic icon or an integration specific one but i believe they are specific to the integration.

Yeah, the “Q” is the logo for the QNAP integration, which has been removed from YAML and moved to UI configuration in this release. Maybe that’s it?

EDIT: Yeah, the strings.json file was never updated to include the deprication warning.

The mystrom integration was also recently changed, and it’s obvious when comparing the two:
mystrom: strings.yaml
QNAP: strings.yaml

I’d edit it myself, but I don’t use QNAP, so can’t really test the changes locally, or have time to make a dev env for it. Anyone else who’s willing, you should just be able to copy the relevant bits of the mystrom file, and change the text for QNAP.

You’re using the QNAP integration. This integration was just migrated to configuration through the frontend. There’s a note about it in the release notes. The YAML configuration will be deprecated in 2023.12.

Ah, good clue, JWilson & squirtbrnr. I didn’t notice that the stylized symbol was a Q.
Yup, I recently added my QNAP sensors back. I’ll look at the YAML code to refactor it correctly.

Thanks for the help!