Value_template wrong JSON


i have a gateway (Mediola V5) and i can send http requests to get status infomations etc… via
a rest sensor.

But i get this as a response, wich is not a json object:


So i tried in my value_template: {% set response = value[8:] %}
and i get:

“type”: “HMFHT”,
“adr”: “6BE31201”,
“state”: “0:A:00D2:00E6:00:00”
“type”: “EVENT”,
“adr”: “01”,
“state”: “1”

but it is a string an i need it as a json object, i tried all kind of stuff in the template editor like:
response_json… json.dumps(response)……

but i cant get it covertet into a json object.

Can some help me?


Use from_json.

{% set x = value[8:] | from_json %}

{{ x[0].type }}
{{ x[1].type }}

Oh man thank you so much, worked !!!

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You’re welcome!

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