Video on Floorplan

I posted my code in Share Your Projects/Fully Kiosk Browser:

It can be hit-n-miss depending on the hardware/os:
iphone 7/app/browser, all live stream background works in the panel, floorplan won’t show in card at all.
windows 10/chrome, all but amcrest works in panel, floorplan showed in card but no background.
Samsung Tab/Chrome, all but amcrest works in panel, all but amcrest works in card but some video cut off (could be the card/svg size)

Have fun.

Thank you! Will test this later :slight_smile:

Any update on this?

Anymore updates to this ?
Would love the video to update just like it does in HA frontend, currently my image is from a week ago when the page was loaded :frowning:

Pretty much the same as I described before.
Only my cheapo andorid phones with IP Webcam stream faultlessly, rtsp and my amcrest does not work.

Sorry I meant to reply to the entire post hopeing Pkozul had a solution…seeing if there are any update on refreshing of the video, i have hikvision and foscam cameras working on tablets but only the image from when it first loads.

Will this ever be merged to the master branch? On the latest HA version the video branch is no longer working. :frowning:

Its not working for me just have black square but if i clic ont it i see the video on a pop up

Has anyone ever managed to get this working recently? Or even found a workaround?

Floorplan v1.0.7 doesn’t seem to work with Home Assistant 0.70+ and the latest Floorplan doesn’t seem to include the camera_image_template.


Yep i have the exact same problem

I upgraded my ha-floorplan.html from the main branch to fix errors since latest HA updates and its now broken.

I think we need the camera feed merged with the main or that file updated.

I also started an issue here for the non refreshing video feed, i spoke to pkozul via pm and he said it should be easy to add implmentation but then the update issues came about so guess he was pretty sidetracked -

Hey im not sure if anyone can help me

I got a nest camera feed that i want to get on my HA floorplan

This is how it looks like in the STATE Tab:

brand: Nest
friendly_name: Front Door
entity_picture: /api/camera_proxy/camera.front_door?token=xxxxxx

This is in my floorplan.yaml

  • name: Camera Images
    - camera.front_door
    camera_image_template: ‘${entity.attributes.entity_picture}’

I have same problem, Why?

The video fork of floorplan no longer works with HA .70+ unfortunatley

I have created a few posts / DMs but haven’t heard anything about fixing.

Any word on if this ever got fixed?

Nothing …doesn’t seem to be much development on floorplan anymore :frowning: