Vintage Theme


I thought I would share a vintage theme I created -


That looks goooood.


This is a perfect skin for earth day theme. Thank you!


How add in left menu FLOORPLAN section and how add image with floorplan and icon for devices ?


There is a whole section of these forums about Floorplan.

In particular this thread has the howto.


This is awesome!! Can you please share how can we use custom fonts with the theme.
A custom font would make a lot of difference.



…Am I simply missing the attribute, where this theme is actually shared?


Click the github link in the first post.


Hi, I like very much your theme but I have this issue with the sliders

Instead of

How can I fix it?


disabled-text-color is the style element that’s not set properly. Change it to var(–maroon-color) or some other color.


Thank you very much