Viomi.vacuum.v8 support for the Xiaomi Miio Integration



It was launched recently the UI integration for alot of Xiaomi Devices, inclunding the vacuums, however it seems that the viomi.vacuum.v8 ((Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro) isn’t added yet.

I also have the same problem, does anyone know how to solve ?


I’m having the same problem with Xiaomi’s Viomi Alpha(S9) it appears as “viomi.vacuum.v17” when I try to add it using the Xiaomi Miio integration, but then it says this model is not recognized.

I bought this vaccum at the start of the year, I think it was brand new to the market at that time, I just expected it would be integrated sooner or later, but seems it’s not.

Would love to try and integrate it myself but I don’t know where to start. I’m guessing the code must be broadly similar with other Xiaomi / Viomi vaccum integrations which already work.

i have used the viomi vacuum v8 with miio2 integration from hacs but now its generate errors on official xiaomi interation for xiaomi air purifier.

hope there will be supported soon in official integration.

Same happens with the v2 of this robot

FYI viomi.vacuum.v8, is fully working with this custom component

the more recent version dreame.vacuum.p2041o (Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 PRO+) is supported with this custom component plus this PR fix

or better, both are supported via

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Thanks Francesco but non of above options worked for me.

Following. Have the Viomi s9 “viomi.vacuum.v18” for me (same model as s9 but with UV light now).

Anyone had any luck?

Guys i’m pretty sure all these model works using the miot custom component posted above (that will directly login to xiaomi cloud), but in my case i prefer to use a specific custom component as it was exposing more attributes, you should look around github to see if someone already done the work for you

I had the same situation. I managed to make them work by removing the file from custom component of viomi.vacuum.v8.

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Thank you. You comment helped me.

any updates on this? I can’t find a custom component which works with Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P (viomi.vacuum.v8).

some experience of anyone wiht a particular custom component?

I am using GitHub - nergal/homeassistant-vacuum-viomi: Integration of a Xiaomi Viomi vacuum to a Home Assistant to integrate my Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P which reports as viomi.vacuum.v8 when extracting the API token.
But I needed to change the "requirements" in manifest.json to get it working. And I see there is the same issue with the above mentioned repository: GitHub - saprumohit/home-assistant-viomi-vacuum-v8: Home Assistant integration platform for Viomi Vacuum V8 (STYJ02YM)
In both repositories there is a dependency mismatch with the native Xiaomi Miio integration.

But since both of these to uses the same python package (python-miio) as the native integration to comunicate with the vacuum cleaner it would be much better to get a native support for this model.

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Hi guys,

I have the Viomi s9 ‘viomi.vacuum.v18’, tested all the integrations for viomi and mi, and none was working for me. Did anyone find a solution for that?


Can you please provide details of the changes you made to “requirements” in the manifest.jason file to get it working?

It depends what version of HA you are using. The packages in requirements line in manifest.json must match the versions in the native integration.

For 2012.12.7 that is:
"requirements": ["construct==2.10.56", "python-miio=="],
I am still on 2012.11.5, so for me it was:
"requirements": ["construct==2.10.56", "python-miio==0.5.8"],

If you go to core/manifest.json at dbae448fe56e83eab5601d60a4c77c71f9a37afa · home-assistant/core · GitHub you can se what it is for you by choosing the tag the matches you version of HA.

I finally managed to make the Viomi s9 ‘viomi.vacuum.v18’ work by using the miot but only with the custom component NOT with HACS.
I was happy for just 2 days because the integration for EU stop working due to authentification changes in Xiaomi mi account, issue

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The component was updated 4 hours ago and starts working again.

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