Wake-up light alarm with sunrise effect

Super, it’s working just fine. Many thanks!!

Great to hear!
I’d be interested to hear if the alarm is now matching your input_datetime entity and not the manual alarm setting in the Automation.

Reason being when I check the state of the sensor.wake_up_alarm in Dev Tools Template, I get “unknown”.

I think there’s an issue with the Device Class “timestamp” expecting a different format than the datetime string provided by the input_datetime entity, I’m working through that now…

Ok, I’ve now fixed my sensor so it’s outputting correctly with the timestamp device class. I needed to change the template state as follows:

{{ (states('input_datetime.wake_up_alarm') | as_datetime | as_local).isoformat() }}

My sensor now outputs as expected:

I also worked out how to add it as a helper entity through the UI in the meantime :wink:

Solution found thanks to this post!