Wansview q5 in home assistant

im trying to get a wansview q5 camera to work in home assistant. I added the generic camera to to my conf.yaml…



  • platform: generic
    name: living room camera
    still_image_url: /local/screenie.JPG
    stream_source: “rtsp://USER:[email protected]:554/live/ch0”

the camera comes up… but when i try to bring up the camera, it will not load and i see a “Error with media stream contents” where the stream should be…it studders with no stream…

i tried using ONVIF… samething…

anyone use a wansview q5 with HA ?

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Did you solve your problem? I am thinking about buying such a camera.

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How did you get on? I can load the video in VLC fine but can’t get home assisting to accept the feed

I managed to make it work with the Y1, see Wansview camera support - #16 by flowby if it helps