Water Tank

Hello All;

Are there any sensor that provide native integration into home assistant and send the water level within a tank? these are some solutions that I was looking into but I know they are not supported by HA.

not sure where to start or if there is a supported item that can assist me into getting the water tank level.


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I just order a Kingspan sensit wifi and am planning on getting it working with home assistant, will post here once I’m done.

Update: I installed mine today. It appears that both the app and dongle use encrypted SSL connections to the cloud database server so intercepting the packets or directly trying to interface the server is a no go. I’ve reached out to Kingspan to ask if they will provide an API.

If this doesn’t work out, I’m planning to leverage the “daily email notification” service offered in the app to email the daily measurement to a special gmail address which I can poll from Home Assistant via the IMAP sensor. Should be able to parse the daily measurements that way. Will post my solution when implemented.

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Alright, as it stands SENSiT is a non-starter. The device is totally locked down and all traffic in/out is encrypted. Kingspan told me they have no plans to release an API to access the data outside of the app. They have subscription services that allow web access, but that doesn’t count for the SENSiT USB with app.

The communication between the sensor and dongle is over 433MHz radio, and you can pick up the packets with rtl-433, but no one has decoded them yet and they don’t match the format of pre-existing oil level monitors. So you would need to reverse engineer the packets.

I did try the daily email + imap integration approach but it fails to read the emails as they are HTML formatted. You could hack around this somehow I’m sure.

So I’ve abandoned this approach and gone with a different sensor using the method listed here: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/oil-tank-level-monitor-watchman-sonic-rtl-433-integration-for-rf-sensors-or-level-sensors/

An email that is html is not very hard to read.
Just post the html and we’ll help you.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. The problem is not parsing the HTML. The problem is the imap integration provided by home assistant is unable to read the email itself, i.e. it gives up and returns an error about it being formatted in HTML. Something along the lines of “You are seeing this text because your email client does not support HTML”

I have got this running using Appdaemon and MQTT.