Way forward from a Pi3


Will do the same and post my findings in a few days.


I have measured it now for several hours (Broadlink SP3) and the power consumption is between 6 and 8 watts. During that period I have all my containers running (Motion eye, homeassistant, influxdb, grafana, Facebox, Hass.io plugins)


What NUC version do you use? @fversteegen


I use the NUC7PJYH2; cheap and fast. Haven’t had any complaints so far. The NUC is equipped with 8gb of memory and a 240GB SSD.


Thank you very much, probably going to pick up the same NUC as it is a lot cheaper than the i3 and seems to be sufficient.


It’s been worth every eurocent! I run Haas.io, motion (4 HD cams), pi-holeip4, influxdb, grafana and a few other containers on it and it hasn’t complaint so far :slight_smile:


Where did you buy your model as you seem to be from the Netherlands. Belgian here :wink:


If you look closely you will realize that there are a lot of Dutch/Belgian people on this forum :slight_smile:

I bought the kit from Informatique. See below the BOM:

Intel NUC Gemini Lake NUC7PJYH2, Pentium J5005 €169
WD Green SSD, 240GB, 2.5", SATA3 36 €52
Crucial DDR4, 8GB(1x8GB), 2400Mhz, CL17, SODIMM €83


You could also buy a MSI cubi n which is fanless.


Does anyone have an opinion on when the RPi is not not enough to run Home assistant with Hassio ?

I started in November with an Hassio on a RPi with an Aeotec Z-wave stick to it. It has now grown to 21 z-wave nodes and about 20 automations + integrations to alarm providor.

Lately I feels it is slower than before - especially on 0.84 - now upgraded to the latest 0.86.
Looking at the systems monitors there seems to be plenty of memory free (typically 500- 700 mb) and processor usage is usually around 2-5 % with an occational peak arond 50%. Diskspace says 17% used.

So reading this I would guess i am not stressing the hardware much.

Is there a general “limit” as to much much you can have on a Rpi with Hassio ? (i.e. max z-wave units, max automations, max sensors etc. ? )


I came to this thread with the exact same question. My load times are averaging at 0.8 to 2.0, not sure why. Rest of the figures are pretty much the same, 500 Mb storage left, 5-7% processor use. Additionally, I have AppDaemon installed with 10-12 automation.

Heavily relying on RF, 7-8 PIR motion sensors, 8-10 door, and window sensors, all connected via MQTT and Sonoff RF.