Waze travel time update


Logger component, don’t have a link. Posting from phone


Thanks. It is not a very long page [Logger]
but I obviously never read to the bottom - or more likely took it all in when I did read it.


Ok It happened again. It happened at about 4:25pm CST yesterday (1/14). No serious warning, just all of a sudden the component stopped updating and an error in the log that it took longer than the scheduled update interval of 0:05:00. See the attached log. The log starts when I last restarted HA and the component stops updating at line 650. Before that point you’ll see the occasional Waze route calculator error, but the component would still update. About the only thing I can attribute this to is I had some internet connectivity issues last night. I don’t know what time they started, but it could have started as early as that time.

I had to change the extension from .log to .xml in order to upload it here, but it shouldn’t affect anything.

home-assistant.xml (86.9 KB)