We are looking for a developer with good coding skills and knowledge of Spanish to integrate the Xiaomi Treadmill into Home Assistant

  • coder wanted which integrates and tests whether Xiaomi treadmills can be controlled in Home Assistant
  • coder wanted which tests whether the available treadmill sensors can be streamed over the path we described to Home Assistant
  • we are confident that it works
  • coder wanted who does it for fun and in his spare time
  • an instruction how it can be done can be found here:


Here is a summary of the info we found for non Spanish speakers:


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Hey there,
Interested folks might want to have a few more details regarding compensation.

Compensation is for fun and in your spare time for the benefit of the Home Assistant community. The Strava path seem not to be the easiest way for us personally:


It might be better to connect it to the Balena Health Balena Home Assistant fusion:

Or simply make a Home Assistant Integration for the Xiaomi Treadmill. Code for it can be found be google for it. We then have a treadmill on which we can track our heart rate in Home Assistant.