Weekly Schedule Helper improvements

This is a feature request not a help,topic. Start a new topic explaining your issues.

I don’t need help, I know why it is not working.

I was explaining to @Marcel-12 that even if it was working (and still does) to modify the core file, it is now an issue as it prevents creating new ones and/or see existing ones.
Solution is easy: remove the edited schedules and restart, using the existing features.

And those are the existing features that all of the voters, including myself, would like to see changed as described in OP.

Apologies but this sounded like you had an issue:

No hard feelings, it is ok, English is not my first language.
It was the consequences of what I did in core file, long before Marcel mentionned this workarround.
I did not notice that my shedule were screwed up until recently and wanted to warn him/her about the consequences of playing in the .storage directory

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Yeah I understand now. Again, apologies.

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