Weishaupt heat pump

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I’m thinking of installing a Weishaupt heat pump in my new house. Now it’s not a big deal to get the heaters itself (I mean the radiators) to talk with HA, but is there a way to get HA to interact with the heat pump?

I’ve seen various github repos that seem to read info from the wemportal. But I haven’t seen anything that would do so guaranteed (more or less at least) and would furthermore be able to talk to the heat pump (i.e. change values).

If anybody has any ideas, let me know. :slight_smile: Thanks!

The most reliable way to interface with it if you are tech-savvy and willing to spend some time would be to use the e-bus interface. There are some GitHub repos that should help you with that. Discussion about this can be found here. .

An easier solution would probably be to use hass-WEM-Portal custom component (I am a little biased here, as I made it). For me and a few other users, it has been working quite reliably for some time. It allows you to get all the values from the wemportal website and with the latest updates, it also allows you to change values, which are available through WEM mobile app.

Hope this helps and let me know if you find an alternative.

Hey there,

check out my post here
I managed to use the local modbus interface to my Biblock and it works perfectly stable with up to date sensor values etc.
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Thanks! I’ll get back to you once I “go live” :slight_smile:

Hi @tobiasm,

I have a very basic question regarding modbus. Currently, I’m using the wemportal for my Weishaupt Heating via scripts from Erik in Home Assistant. Could you give me a hint, where to find more information regarding the modbus - e.g., required devices, configuration guides etc.?

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Hi Ingo,

you do not need additional devices for modbus integration. Carefully read my post here - Not too complicated. Configure modbus with static ip on your heatpump and afterwards you can instantly use the builtin modbus integration in homassistant to configure it. My config is posted there as well.