What are the use cases of Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor?

I want to try a vibration sensor to capture the moment that the storm is near and you need to turn off the main switch of my house. I plan to monitor the readings of the sensor attached to the window pane. (When lightning is nearby - the windows vibrate well)

Has anyone done this?

Good luck, mine on sensitive didn’t detect earthquake…

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I just glued one of my vibration sensors inside a cardboard cube, created a sensor- see below (I know there’s probably huge potential to optimize it - and am now working on some automations triggering actions based on which side of the cube is up.

      value_template: >-
        {% if state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_y_absolute" ) == 12 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_y_absolute" ) == 11 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_y_absolute" ) == 169 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_y_absolute" ) == 170 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_y_absolute" ) == 171 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_x_absolute" ) == 10 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_x_absolute" ) == 11 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_x_absolute" ) == 12 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_x_absolute" ) == 167 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_x_absolute" ) == 168 -%}
        {%- elif state_attr("sensor.xa_vibe_01_action", "angle_x_absolute" ) == 169 -%}
        {%- else -%}
        {%- endif %}

Haven’t found a reliable way yet to detect if side 2 or 5 is up :confused:


I use it to reset my wastebin collection warning.

I have created an automation that triggers a warning light when the day comes that the wastebin is collected. I have glued this sensor to the wastebin so when I move the bin to bring it to the street it triggers a vibration and the sensor triggers an automation to turn of the warning light again.


I’m gonna hide it inside my motorbike, any moment detected while other conditions are met, the alarm will go off.
Need to trial it’s sensitivity though. Does HA give us a vibration number?

Hi RKor,

I have a question, that automation will be only available at you home or near, correct? I use the aqara one and it’s a ZigBee one, but will be interesting to know what you’re using.

For your question, you may try this: ZHA Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor Settings - #11 by PrairieSnpr


Hi mate,

Thanks for the link.

I just bought this one, Xiaomi Aqara Smart Vibration Sensor Zigbee Motion Shock Sensor Detection Alarm Monitor Built in Gyro For Home Safety For Mi Home|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress

Yeah the bike is inside my garage and within range.

Ultimately I’m trying to find a GPS/LTE tracker that I can install on my bike. Let me know if you have any ideas :slight_smile:

Ahhh ok. Understood. I have an automation using NodeRed and the aqara sensor for my vacuum robot, so that it changes the alarm status not to create false alarms.

For the tracker, I have this one and works well (also if the comments are not great), but I have 4. 3 in cars and 1 in a small motorbike and works really well.

Invoxia Tracker GPS sin tarjeta SIM - Localizar: auto, moto, bolsos, niños, personas mayores - 1 a 6 meses de autonomía https://www.amazon.es/dp/B075V8FTWH/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_4JDAWDYJATR61ASFQHWE

Hope this helps.



I have a chair that I usually turn upside-down and put on a table when the vacuum is running. I put a vibration sensor underneath the chair, and now when I flip it and put it on the table, an automation starts the vacuum.


Ahh yeah, thanks for this mate.
I was watching this video about it yesterday, seems like it’s a little too slow in updating. Did you find a way to increase the update frequency?

Also, you’re able to permanently wire it to your motorbike battery right?

Edit: Just noticed that it’s US only?
Also, trying to find something without ongoing subscription, any ideas?

You could have fun with it

SQUID GAMES in Home Assistant (Green Light, Red Light)

How did you configured that?

Hi Rani,

Is not live update ad it’s goes with a IoT Network (in this case the SigFox Europe one) and it’s update every 10-15 min. For me it’s sufficient.

There is a subscription, but it’s included for 2-3 years. I think I have it for more time and they didn’t asked for money. But for my research, I only found this device without SIM card to be a correct GPS.

For the battery, it last a lot, I think 4-6 months, but depends on the use. Charging is very fast, I think in one hour it charges it. For the motobike I normally bring the device home and then put it back, for the cars, when they are low, once I use the car I put it on charge directly on the car USB and in one trip is charged.

Hope this helps!

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The trigger I use is

platform: numeric_state
entity_id: sensor.vibration_angle_z
above: '85'
below: '95'

and then just an action that starts the vacuum.

Thanks! I’ll save this!

My use case : Mailbox not attach to my door

Timer : Create Using the helper (entity_id: timer.vibration_countdown90)
Automatisation : using state + condition

When the device detect vibration (state ON), it start my timer.


    name: Aquara Vibration Sensor
    duration: '00:01:09'
#For a sync between the "detected" status and the time


alias: Cooldown Aquara vibration sensor
description: ''
  - platform: state
    entity_id: automation.vibration_mail_box
    from: 'off'
    to: 'on'
condition: []
  - service: timer.start
    data: {}
      entity_id: timer.timer_aquara_vibration_sensor
mode: single

Lovelace (using the UI) :

  - entity: binary_sensor.lumi_lumi_vibration_aq1_9fb7a006_ias_zone
    name: Courrier Reçu
    icon: mdi:email
    state_color: true
    secondary_info: last-updated
  - entity: timer.timer_aquara_vibration_sensor
    name: Cooldown
    secondary_info: last-updated
    state_color: true


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I use it on my safe door. Not to sense vibration, but rotation. I have it on the handle that rotates to open the door. I actually like it better than a door sensor since a door sensor can be fooled with a magnet. The chances of someone getting it off the safe without rotating it or setting off the vibration is pretty minimal.


No need to. (works with Zigbee too, same frequency band).

For those of you who are using this sensor in you letterbox:

  • Is your letterbox metal, wood, plastic?
  • Do you have it on the inside or outside?
  • What is the approx distance between letterbox and nearest device?

Thanks in advance.

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I mounted the sensor under the mattress to detect when my wife is cheating on me.

Dr. Whooo