What can and cannot I update running a development build

Hi All,
After running I HassIO on a Pi3+ I switched to a Pi4-8GB using Development 5 build 2 and it works like a charm.

Why the switch, because combined with the UniFi Add-on the memory usage was about 90% from time to time. This combined with the SD Card virtual memory performance made me decide to free the Pi3 for some other fun project or so. Why 8GB, because I forgot to check what memory was supported and so bought the the 8GB :innocent:

Having that said, I am wondering what I can an cannot update. I probably cannot update anything until v5 is out of it’s build phase, but I might be wrong.

So at the moment I see in the supervisor:

  1. Operating System 4.13
    You are currently running version 5.2
    Conclusion: No update (duh)
  2. Supervisor 244
    You are currently running version 243
    Conclusion: Update went well
  3. Home Assistant 0.114.5
    You are currently running version 0.115.0
    Conclusion: Update went well

At my best guess I assume I could upgrade anything except the Operating System. Does anyone has any experience with this situation?

I am not asking for guaranties and will snapshot and backup my stuff before upgrading, but if I know it will fail before I even start, than it’s better to not start :grin:

Without actively clicking on update, the Supervisor seems updated. I assume it happened during a restart of Home Assistant. Updated the initial post.

No, even without a restart it updates all by its clever self. This has made a lot of people unhappy.

Hmm, okay. That explains the unexpected update.
I never noticed, luckily things went well :slight_smile:

Update went well, so I updated the first post.

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