What is the smallest ESP board I can use to control LED strip remotely?

I have an existing LED strip that comes with a cheap IR remote control.

Using an ESP board what would be the easiest/compact way to connect my existing LED strip and have it available through HA? When I say compact, I’d prefer not to have a breadboard connected between the devices.

I found this, was wondering would something like this be able to connect my LED strip to? and power (the board and the led strip) using the USB C port?

You didn’t mention but if it’s a basic white LED strip an ESP-01 is enough (with a power supply properly sized for the LED strip itself !). If it’s an RGB one you can use a D1 Mini that is pretty compact (same remark for power supply) :wink:

A different option would be to connect through IR.
Only one GPIO needed.

Sorry so I need RGB colour, not only white. My current strip has 4 pins if that add any more info.

Sorry so I should make clear, I don’t need to retain the IR remote… being able to control through HA (and/or HTTP requests) will be sufficient.

What is the voltage of the strip?

Not sure what the voltage is, but this is exactly then strip I have with the same controller module:

it might suit you this product. I have one, it integrates perfectly into the home assistant. there is an opportunity to flash it with esphome, but I have not done this yet

Ok good news this looks like 5v. So you can use the same power supply (cut the end before the controller), then use a wemos d1 mini, load up wled or esphome and you should be good. (Sounds real simple right?). Don’t worry it’s not too bad.

That LED strip looks analog that won’t work with WLED.

will work with wled. RGB support is declared (I saw it myself in the settings). only here the contacts of the esp direct connection of the tape with so many diodes will not be able to because of the voltage. you need a mosfet transistor and that’s pretty big homemade

For my RGB LED strips im using my self made PCB with ESP01,so yes the smallest you can use is the ESP01,but need a lot of work!!(transistors, pull-up resistors)
I recommend not doing it, unless you know what you are doing


Analog strips can be used with WLED.

Also, probably the best source of info on leds on the net His analog page) Analog LED dimming - quinled.info

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