What kind of iOS 14 & Big Sur widgets would you like to see?

I would love widgets & complications that periodically reflect the state of an entity.

For example, maybe I’ve got a min_max sensor that tells me the mean temperature of the living spaces in my home. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a watch complication that shows this? And even set up a ring around it showing the full range of probable interior temperatures, just like the current weather complication does.

Similar widgets on the phone would be cool. Being able to see entity states, knowing they aren’t going to update as often as a Lovelace interface… but would be useful to maybe show entity graphs or recent entity values. But still offering the ability to tap the widget to fire an action.

Right now the widgets are pretty limited… they can call an action but ultimately just open the HA companion app in a way that doesn’t tie the widget & action to the screen presented. If I tap a widget to fire an action, how cool would it be to land on a specific Lovelace card that gives context to what that action just did?

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@zacwest any idea when the next widgets will be added? Would be very keen to beta test anything that becomes available.