What the Puck?

Has anyone managed to integrate the Puck.js yet?

Its a pretty smart button that has LEDs built under the surface. It connects via bluetooth and can be programmed with javascript.

If this integration hasn’t been done yet - does anyone know of a similar product (button with lights) out there?


I don’t understand it: it is Bluetooth so cannot connect to network but only to other Bluetooth devices. It is powered by Button batteries, you can’t use too much the led for notifications or it will discharge quickly, and it costs 42€.

Just for my curiosity, what’s your intended usage? Maybe someone will suggest a product better suited.

You are right about the limitations of Bluetooth but I dont think this is that much different to the Flicd buttons: If we can connect the Puck up to Home Assistant then we should be able to control it using automations.

I’m interested in the Puck because I think it could give us (HA community) options for notifications/alerts without using a smartphone or computer:

One scenario (possibly a bit lame but I’m sure we can think of others); you could setup a rule to detect motion by the front door - if someone is leaving the house and any windows are open then a Puck by the door could flash red. Clicking the Puck would turn the LED off once you have shut the windows (You could enhance this by using the coloured LEDs to indicate which area of the house the open window is in).

Other options we could consider: the Puck has a built in magnetometer which means that it can detect if it moves, allowing us to know if cupboards,drawers,doors are opened (I’ve got this to work outside of HA). In theory it should also work as a control for dimming lights just by turning it (haven’t tried this - out of my league).

I may be wrong about this and there could be other solutions. I was just curious to know if anyone had tried it.

It was a kickstarter and it’s opensource so it seemed a good match to me.

Heres an old article : http://www.technologyintegrator.net/article/puck-js-might-iot-missing-link/all/

Those are nice ideas. I really don’t know how hard is to make a component for a Bluetooth device, but for sure it’s harder than a network device as you have to factor in different OS (linux, win, mac), different host hardware (RPi, x86, synology) and different bluetooth adapters.

The real showstopper here for me it’s the price. You can have a NodeMCU (ESP8266 dev board) for less than 3€, or a Xiaomi zigbee button (no led) for 8€, or a wifi enabled RGB bulb for 9€, or an Amazon Dash button almost for free.

I agree with you about the price.

Do you have a link for a WiFi enabled RGB bulb (does it need a separate hub)?

I though the Amazon dash buttons werent programmable? The Amazon IoT button comes in at £22.99 in the UK - which would be an option if it lit up!

This might work -


The price is still too high though - ideally it would be under 20€.

About the lamp, I looked up on Aliexpress and BangGood for “wifi bulb”. I don’t have one so I can’t advice about compatibility with HA. Sonoff B1 can be flashed with Tasmota.

The AWS IoT button is expensive, but you can order any standard Dash Button, make a first purchase discounted of the price of the button so basically it’s free, and then use it in HA with Dasshio or Dasher.
The Dash button is one-way only, afaik you can’t control the LED.

OK thanks for that. I’ll keep searching and let you know if I find anything.

Here’s one person having integrated Puck.js via BT & MQTT: Control Sonos Player with Puck.js hardware button