Whats the best all in one camera solution for homeassistant (preferable battery)


What is the best Brand for using width homeassistant. I do wanr livestream thats more then 1fps and also prefer that its battery Powered outdoor and maybe also indoor but power there is also good.

Is it Logitech? Ring, netatmo etc

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this question has been discussed a hundred times already. do a forum search.

but to add there aren’t many battery powered cameras just because of the “always on” nature of cameras.

I just found threads from 2019, if you can point me in the right direction please do.

What do you mean there arent many battery powered cameras? Most brands have battery powered cameras,

eufy, ring, arlo, logitech etc etc, they start recording when PIR sees motions, but you can watch the livestream at any time

And here is the search I used to find them. there are many more:


Then it seems you’ve answered your own question?

But I would think that with battery life it would get annoying needing to change the batteries too frequently.

I’d much rather have a mains/POE powered camera. But that’s just MHO.

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Most of those threads are not what im asking though, “non cloud, poe etc”

I didnt ask what you prefer, thats like going to a restaurant and asking the dude next to you that he should order something else.

But “thanks”.

please tell me what your objective criteria would be for defining “best”.

there are lots of varying criteria in what some people find “best”. Mine just happens to be not using battery power.

it seems that you…

…battery powered cameras as your only subjective criteria. Fine. But it’s still a preference not an absolute. Otherwise you should have used a different word.

I was just telling you what my thoughts were on those types of cameras.

Those things weren’t in your list of criteria either for or against. How was I supposed to know that? I can’t read minds.

No it would be like going to a restaurant asking someone what the “best” steak is and getting testy because they told you what steak they prefer.

You came here seeking advice. I didn’t seek you out to offer it.

“you’re welcome”.


I(t’s been asked a thousand times but everyone’s definition of “best” is different.
And, when someone finds the “best” camera, it’s no longer available six months later…
I’ve thought of making a survey. What should the survey ask?

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I like the Wyze cameras, but the integration seems so so . Lots of entities came up, everything but the actual one to see thru the camera lol