What's the most accurate android phone tracker

didn’t know I could…

can’t find the log file, tried through the app and found a path to look in on my phone but nothing there, the folder is empty


should i be looking somewhere else?

I use the Person integration.

My Person consists of my phone on GPS Logger, Google Maps sharing, and Unifi Wifi.

I used to evaluate the states myself and combine both wifi and my GPS to confirm I was away, and either one could reconnect/be in zone to be home, but the Person integration has come a long way.

I have yet to find a tracker that worked the way I wanted it too. They either drain battery, don’t update frequently enough, waste power or send your location data to god knows where. So I researched the owntracks protocol and created my own tracking client using an android scripting tool called ‘Automate’’. Now, I’m sure you were looking for an easier answer, but where’s the fun in that. Happy to share the automate script with you.

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The UI has a drop down with four options, one of with is for the log.

OK I missed that… Thank you

I opened that and found the following on repeat every time I’ve set GPS logger to send

Does that help work out what’s going wrong? I’ve removed my webhook and lat/long

Again I forgot to reply to your post and just replied to the chat. :roll_eyes:

The information around the webhook should tell you shat’s going wrong. When there are problems I see:

HH:MM GPS started, waiting for a fix
HH:MM Filename: YYYYmmdd
HH:MM HTTP Request - https://...
HH:MM error while executing job...

It’s that last line that’s usually the key bit

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Got it working! thank you.

I had to stop it and then restart it for it to take the changes I made.

do you know where the configuration details are ? i tried known_devices.yaml but there was only the life360 ones in there. and havent found them in any of the other yaml files yet,

Any integration you set up through the UI is stored in .storage/core.config_entries. Files in that folder shouldn’t be edited :wink: