Where are the integration startup logs?

Last time I checked (not sure how long ago that actually was…) every integration had a log-tab to the right that showed the details from the startup phase. Today I needed to check one, and found that none of my integrations shows any log there any longer. There is just the „Update“ button, but no single line of startup infos whatsoever for any of my integrations. Did I miss some necessary migration or something, or is it just buggy right now? I am on all the latest available updates.

I have never seen that feature.

Sorry, wrong wording, my bad. I meant the add-ons, not integration. So the right tab for add-ons (here Node Red – sorry, in German, though…)

I can see a log tab for all my installed addons. I don’t use Node Red though.

I found that it actually „just“ takes extremely long. After waiting a minute or so, the log shows up (sometimes it completely fails, though). Checking for such a symptom, I found this: The logs of "core" and "supervisor" take really long to show up · Issue #3014 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub
So I am not the only one seemingly, but no solution so far (other than complete reinstall for only a temporary relief until it‘s back…)

That issue does not relate to addon logs though.

Are there any errors or warnings in your supervisor log?

Following some more links, I stumbled upon this: Supervisor Logs Extremely Slow to Open - #10 by johnboiles

Last week, it seems like somebody found the root cause to be an SSD misconfiguration. Will try later whether this helps for me, too.

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Following the SSD speedtest explanations from the above links, booting with a screen & keyboard attached I could run hdparm on the Raspberry installation. It says it read 716MB in 3 seconds, which is ~240 MB/s. This should be more than sufficient.

I had moved my SSD to an USB 2 port a while ago, because it produced a lot of HF noise on USB 3 and disturbed my nearby Homematic CCU2. With that setup, though, it really started to become very slow lately for the logs, as explained above. Today I moved back to USB 3 (which now produces the speed reading from above) and it is actually overall better, but still takes some seconds before logs show up, feeling less snappy than it was earlier. Not sure if this SSD setup is really the root cause, or whether it only amplifies another problem that hasn’t existed earlier? When looking up add-on startup logs, they always showed up instantly. And also the supervisor log was nothing you had to wait for at all.