Where can I find help for my problem?

I’m rather new to HA… although I have some basic knowledge about scripting, etc.
I’m rather taken aback by the many errors en mistakes that are sometimes very easy to fix… if you exactly know to press which buttons.
My question is: where can I find help for this big problem? →

I have a rather fresh installation of HA, with ZWave, Zigbee, based on MariaDB. Hassio on a NUC. Today, after just two weeks of fun, the database seems unreachable. Why??
"MySQLdb.OperationalError) (2002, “Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘core-mariadb’”. And as a result recorder doesn’t start, etc.

I’m very desperate and thinking of stopping with HA if such an error appears so easily. It seems HA is really meant for the (semi) pro developer who finds his/her way with databases, docker, yaml, python very easy…

Where can I find help?


Here in this community.


Create a topic with this message on the topic and I bet you will attract much more experts than a topic “Where can I find help for my problem?”.



I’d also suggest you read this pinned post, which will help you get help.

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Thanks all for pointing at the right direction.