Where should I install HA OS?

Hello everyone,

I purchased a mini PC (Intel NUC) where I installed Home Assistant OS on it and it’s working just fine!

At first that was the only thing I was planning to do but I figured after that I wanted to host a plex server as well

I did found an addon on Home Assistant that I installed and configured and it’s running fine but I feel like it’s not the best way to do it.

I’ve read that I cannot add libraries from external disk (only sources from the current disk where Plex Server is installed) in my case a 128GB SSD…

What would be your advice to host both HA & Plex Server + Transmission (or any other torrent client) on a MINI PC NUC ?
Should I install Windows + Plex Server + a VM with HA on it ?

Thanks for your help

Proxmox is probably the easiest way

and use some scripts from here


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Next version of HA will allow you to connect external disks

If you are looking for a “Home Server” have a look at CASA OS This is very fancy user friendly front end to Docker and Samba shares . Will allow you to run Plex , HA and many other useful programs as docker images.