Where to find Zwave info for products?

I recently added a Schlage BE469 lock to my home and when adding it to hassio I now see 7 new sensors. Problem is, without triggering all of the possible combinations of user codes, alarms, etc. I don’t know what any of the states are. Is there somewhere I can find information Zwave devices?

Quite a bit of info in this thread about them: Schlage Connect ZWave Locks

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Also in the documentation, where you’ll find more information on query stages (particularly relevant for battery powered devices).

I had read thru the documentation and thought I had a grasp but some of the sensors would report outside of the documented range. i.e. the sensor “touchscreen_deadbolt_alarm_type” should report a value between 1 and 6 and instead reports 18

The docs are based off of a reading of the specs, and what people have reported. There are going to be things that are missing.

18 is probably the lock was operated by rf. This reference is for Yale but should be fairly accurate for Schlage. http://www.cd-jackson.com/zwave_device_uploads/292/yale-locks-info.pdf