Which installation type?


I’m still confused as to which installation type I should pick. I will use an RPi 4 and do not plan to run anything else such as PiHole etc on it.

What to use? :grinning:


That sounds like a job for Hassio - https://www.home-assistant.io/hassio/installation/ Just do the bits that mention RPi and SDCards!

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The term hass.io has been deprecated a long time ago.
@johannes1702 check out this overview matrix to find the most appropriate install for you. It’ll probably be Home Assistant OS (the link that @gerdesj posted)


Which matrix are you refering to? :confused:

Sorry, forgot the link :upside_down_face: I edited my post, now the link is included.

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Ah now it makes sense… still undecided between OS and Supervised :pensive:

How much knowledge about linux do you have?

More a windows person, but know the basics, can work with SSH and able to read/understand step by step manuals :grinning:

I suggest Home Assistant OS then.

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