Which mini pc or other is right for me - new to HA

Hello, I am very new to HA and my current plan is to install HAOS with proxmox for a house of devices, plus some cameras setup with frigate using a google coral USB which i have already.

I was leaning towards getting a mini pc- such as one of the countless options from beelink, but am a bit overwhelmed in the selections and what is really important. If i go this route i am not sure which models to focus on.

I also am not sure if this is the best long term option. I am located in the US - and would like to spend around 500 at most.

A few other comments on this…
-It looks like AMD mini pcs are cheaper, is there any concerns with compatibility i should be concerned on? I seem to see intel recommended more often.
-Is this a good option if i want to get this hardware now and not change it for a while? I would like to not have to replace this for a couple years.
-for video i record - would i need to use a separate device to store on, or could i just install a second drive into the mini pc? Is there any concerns with this plan?
-if a mini PC makes sense for my case above, is there specific models of beelink or other around my pricepoint that are highly recommended?

Please let me know any specific recommendations you have for me.


Step 1 - Please use the search tools to find similar posts so we don’t keep answering the same questions again and again.

Step 2

Video recording is not a feature supported by HASS itself, although there are integrations with DVR platforms like Unify, and several FOSS software projects.

If you want one platform to run several different platforms, then Proxmox and containers are likely the way to go, but you need a lot more IT skill than the appliance-like HASSOS install.