Why are people asking the same questions over and over again? (Or the Regulars' Chatroom) 🤷

I believe strong opinions create healthy debates and forward progress. You shared a very strong opinion based on your point of view and we encourage that.


Beta day, make sure to join if you haven’t already :wink:


Already?! It always seems to creep up on me so fast!

Will be tomorrow. By the time it is available I’m in bed already.

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What’s your TZ? It’s usually released around noon my time which is ~17ish UTC

I believe you “nailed it” in this commend, Most/Many People in here maybe start with a light-bulb, in a brand-app (a no-brainer ) sorry for my wording , then they buy a camera, another brand, also running fine in their brand-app… and so it goes

Then some people want to “take it to a higher level”
At this point they are capable of Google, find and install i.e HA , basically without reading many lines of info/guidance.

And as you mention, They still Just wanna go from A to B, As Quickly as possible, And They Don’t “Settle”, with their Light-bulb and Camera, conveniently, Now in same App.( They could have chosen Google-Home )

And as They didn’t had to read much , nor spend alot of time initially to get from A (2 devices in 2 Brand-Apps) , To B, An Opensource Project, where they can combine their 2 Device, and Alot more cool stuff.
Here the reality might “catch up” for many People.

  1. they don’t have the required knowledge/experience.
  2. They still think/hope they can Move On, from B to C, without reading ( To much, As quickly as Possible ), either they don’t have time or the patience for that, and/ or they don’t understand what they are reading( And they forgot all about Search, And Google, which they initially had to use to get started" , or they end up in a “hopeless/frustrating” state, after reading the first 5 hits. (without finding “a button” to fix their problem)

Then next stage is, they either Sign Up here or joining some of the other HA-Forums, which ever one they first encounter.
And they keep on with their same deep rooted behavior/strategies, Don’t read, Don’t Search, Give Up after 3-5 attempts, in worse case , Blame on HA and everyone else

Some People reflect , realize their either short comings, lack of time, or the fact that it’s not a commercial-brand phone app they installed on their Hardware ( To use HA Phone APP, for controlling their Various Devices )
Some find/but yet don’t realize they are deep into a constant changing(Updating/Upgrading) world, which they have never had any interest/knowledge in. A world where one Have To Read, Have to Google, Have to Test, again, and again … and again

So what do they Expect when signing up to i.e a Forum/Community like this ?
Finding People with same interests, use-cases, setup, personality, behavior ?
Finding People with more time( to search/test/troubleshooting for them).
Finding more experienced People, with time , which hungers to provide them with a “perfect” solution to their specific use-case/setup hardware etc. etc. ( Help, i can’t access my HA, it all started yesterday.
Fact is NONE of the basic factors/info is Very Often never even mention initially when people Post a Topic or Question, Because they Didn’t “found time” Or G.A.S Reading the very first post, in the Forum, Reading Guide Lines, Reading HA-Docs ( Number 2 in the Top Meny, Not hard to find ) (1. Integrations(docs-examples of the specific integration) 2. Docs( Alot of exaples/guidlines)/other Guides)As well as the Very First Topic(Post) in the Forum isn’t

I Respect you have your shared amount of time available for your interest, as well as your Reflections(which many people lacks)

I think this Topic started as a “shout out” caused by the hopelessly repeated questions/behavior, spite above DOCS, And First Post
How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

So saying “So give the question askers a break” is ofcause an valid answer
Question remains thou … HOW ? … And this is what this Topic Originally was about( Please read some of the “out-come” of this Topic !( docs-examples/guidlines)/other Guides) to help People, Made by People Who have/spend probably more time here, than on ones own system( Free of charge)
OBS: it’s in the Social Category Only ! … other-vice you might have seen “stronger” opinions, do to the “relaxed” off-topic subject discussed here as well

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We should obviously make it harder to start with HA. Then the people who are lured in by ease of use won’t be here, and we won’t be worried any more about such people.

These bloody Nabu Casa people are just like hard drug dealers. Give people an easy road in, and by the time they get really into the product, it is impossible to get out. :slight_smile:


@tom_l Thanks for unlisting this topic, makes sense! :wink: And it’s starting to get more cosy here… :rofl:

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Just be aware that “unlisted” does not mean “private”.


Looks good too. Some interesting new additions and ui fixes, and enough breaking changes to keep the non readers angry. :smile:


Yesterday 20h 30 still no sign of it. Just finished the installation of the beta, no problems so far :slight_smile:

Ordered some battery powered Zigbee presence sensors yesterday, looks promising.

Did not find the topic anymore.

hahaha so, in theory, I’m a drug pusher because I try to sell the hell out of Nabu Casa? :rofl:

I have one of the USB powered ones and OMG do I hate it so much. It quasi-works most of the time, but a good gust of wind (yes, from my counter-clockwise ceiling fans :rofl:) sets off the presence detection. Or, it’ll detect presence and then lose it for a few seconds and then register it again over and over again. When it works, it works fairly well, but when it doesn’t, I want to use a hammer on it.

Yeah I’ve been holding off due to the USB power cable, complicates wife friendly placement. What sensors do you have? I’ve heard that the sensors from Everything smart home are good, not tested myself though.

This one:

I also have 2 Aqara FP2s, which are OK when configured properly and 3 of the Linptech mmWave sensors. Those are also MUCH better imho than the Tuya one is.

I would LOVE to see a battery one work, but I’m just not sure what kind of performance or longevity to expect from one.

Indeed, I can keep you posted once I’ve tested them for a while.

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I have an athom one (wifi, usbc power supply). Seems pretty good, but battery power would be great.