Why is Tasmota only showing states on select devices?

I just noticed that Ha Tasmota is not showing me states like uptime on Shelly devices but it is on ESP32 dev kits.
Why is that?

Thank you

EDIT: Uptime on ESP32 was due to a sensor template. So Tasmota is ignoring uptime on all devices. Why is that?

Unfortunately, if you don’t share the evidence, we have no way to help you find out what is wrong. :frowning:

  • What have you configured? Which config file? With what detail?

  • Can you see the data you expect to be published into MQTT topics using a MQTT tool
    (isolate a client device not sending states from HASS not picking them up)

  • Are the devices the same version of Tasmota? (and which?)

  • Are the devices set to Tasmota discovery SetOption19 0 with the Tasmota binding, or HASS Discovery SetOption19 1
    (the Tasmota binding picks up units for graphing & long term stats, HASS Discovery doesn’t)

  • Note that new versions of Tasmota (>=12) remove HASS Discovery, meaning you will need the Tasmota binding. This is a Good Thing.

  • Are you comparing different platforms? e.g. Shelly tend to use ESP8266, verses ESP32 which might have different options due to the uC.

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Unfortuntately I overlooked that the ESP32 sensors were in fact coming from templates and not the tasmota integration.
So why is Tasmota ignoring the uptime information? It is being published but the Tasmota integration is ignoring it.

Without more information, all I can suggest is read the Tasmota binding:

Please note all the Status Sensors are disabled by default.

I read that but everything is correct.
I think it is because of the maximum 8 states rule.
But I do not know why this is the case.
Why does the Tasmota integration restrict the information/states/sensors/binary_sensors available? Why not just show all and disable them by default?

Without more information, I’m leaving you to read the integration docs and the source code yourself.