Why no HASSOS on Docker?

I have been using Home Assistant on RPi for a couple of years but got fed up with all the SD-Card problems, so I decided to move to a NUC and running HA through docker. I’m a Linux noob so the setup is pretty nerve-wracking.

To my big surprise, I noticed that there is no HASSOS installation for docker. Why is that?

Is there any way to access the perks that HASSOS offers with a docker installation?

Is there any other way to install HA on my new NUC to gain access to all the goodies of HASSOS? I don’t want to run the NUC-image as I want to use it as a home server as well.

I know there have been many questions like these in the forums before, but most of them are pretty old, so I want to know what the current status is.

I just did a clean install of Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu 16.04 using the following community guide - not sure if it will work for you on a NUC, but I would think so:

I just used Hassio on Ubuntu in a VirtualBox on MacOS. It keeps it isolated from the Mac, and has the benefits of a mature Linux OS in a model that many use.

Wow. Thank you. I will try it out. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks. I will try it out if I can’t get the docker thing to work as I want it to.

Bear in mind that HassOS uses Docker. I’ve no idea whether you can runner docker on docker, which is why I run Ubuntu inside VirtualBox. The only challenge is getting USB passthrough for ZWave/Bluetooth sticks, but they work fine.

I took the easy road and installed HA directly under Ubuntu.