Why the heck cant I detect what Google speaker was used to trigger a script

Like in this topic, I would like to run a script from a speaker and have the speaker respond with the output. In order to do that, I would need to know which speaker triggered the script.

The current thing I would like to do is tell Google to “run speaker test” where the speaker test is a script that will go through different volume settings and say a test phrase on that speaker so I can know what volume is good for TTS in that location as the same volume in different rooms seems to feel different.

If you create a routine in Google to run the script then it’s possible to respond to the same speaker.

I think this is a limitation of the Google API and not Home Assistant.

There are workarounds like this script:



As long as you don’t need information sent by Home Assistant, you can just let the speaker say a phrase (using Google Assistant). But as soon as you need specific information in Home Assistant, like a custom phrase based on information from Home Assistant, you will need something like my script linked above.


As ^^ says.

Look at the link you posted.
You need to add a sound after the routine and use this to find the correct speaker.