Wifi kWh meter

Do you know if the kWh meter api is already available.
Recently installed solar panels, but would like to know what it is producing.

I’m using the Shelly 3em:

From my point of view it’s the best an easiest solution on the (swiss) market.

I don’t like the shelly app, but you just gonna need it for installing.

I’ve visualized it with Grafana:

HomeWizard has released the API for the HomeWizard kWh meter to public. If you have the latest app version, you can enable the API in the app and use my integration to integrate it in Home Assistant (available in HACS).

I’ve updated the HomeWizard Energy integration so the Wifi kWh meter can be used with the new Energy dashboard.

Please take a look here: [Custom Component] HomeWizard Energy (Wifi P1 meter and kWh meter)

Hi @DCSBL do you know if the API is there for the WiFi kWh meter of HomeWizard. (sorry, just read the last post and the API is released)

And do you know if you can switch the power on and off? Like a Home Plug?

I would like that as I want to switch off my SolarPanels when the electricity price is below 0 :slight_smile:

Yes, you can add the kWh meter to Home Assistant with the HomeWizard Energy integration. The API is released about a year ago.

The kWh meter is not equipped with a relay or something like that. You can use the EnergySocket as it also measures export for that, but that one is limited to 16 amps.

Follow this thread to learn more about the integration: HomeWizard Energy (Wifi P1 meter, kWh meter and Energy Socket)

Thanks for the great device, I wish you also had a PV diverter to match it with. I want redirect all surplus power from solar panels to water heater, but not with a simple on/off switch, but more precise with power modulation, so I am building my own wifi device based on esp8266 and triacs.