Wired Door/Window/Motion Sensors?

Are there any wired sensors that would work for this system? I’d like to wire them in to prevent interference.

You could roll your own using the GPIO on a Raspberry Pi. But interference with what? Zwave runs at a low freq, so wouldn’t interfere with WiFi if that’s what you’re getting at. And it’s a mesh network, so pretty robust for home security.

I’m actually looking at building a security system that monitors several buildings across our point to point and vpn network. The sites have a lot of interference due to the nature of our business. I will look in to zwave just to see. We were using ubiquity mfi but that ecosystem has went under and this looks really good.

HASS can talk to just about anything that has an API (and several things that don’t). It’s easy to build bespoke support for watching a system if you can tap a URL to get updates.

I have a wired DSC alarm, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s supported by the Envisalink component. Envisalink acts like an alarm panel, but is accessible over the network.

Here’s a list of the currently-supported alarm interfaces.

Ok, cool, I’ll look in to that. Thanks!

I removed my alarm panel and connected all sensors to RaspberryPi GPIO.
This work without flaw.
I do not recommend wireless for physical security in residential or commercial.

Was this the same Pi running HA? I’d love to know more about this. I have a house with in frame wired door and window sensors that I would live to repurpose.

I have a pizero and an esp8266 on my desk and trying to determine which is best suited for the task.

Yes. HA on Pi2

I think Pi and HA can replace any alarm system on market.
You must only plan notification method. Currently I only local alarm.

(2) wired door, (5)wired motion, (3)wired temp sensor. Various IP sensor,cam, etc. W/zwave
Originally ran on Pi only…then Synology HA Docker w/MQTT connected pi running HA…then back to Pi only

I mostly test various equipment/configurations for use by others.

I have added my security cam feeds and recently added html5 notification. Looking to add wired door locks and entry gate(door strikes and magnetic look controlled by gpio connected relay).

HA is very robust software and can fit many scenario.
Appropriate planning and design is key. Most people fail at this point and operation becomes pain or inconvenience.

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Can you post your wired door (reed switch?) sensor script?
Would help me out a lot!

configuration .yaml I have:

binary_sensor: !include binary_sensor.yaml

in binary_sensor.yaml I have:

- platform: rpi_gpio
    #17: gpio0_pin6
    18: Living Room Motion
    27: Front Door
    22: Back Door
    #23: gpio4
    24: Master Motion
    25: Binary Doorbell
    #4: gpio?
    5: Mya Room Motion
    8: Hall Motion
    #6: gpio22_pin16
    #13: gpio23_pin17
    #19: gpio24_pin18
    #26: gpio25_pin19
    #12: gpio26
    #16: gpio27
    #20: gpio28
    #21: gpio29
  pull_mode: "UP"
  bouncetime: 50
  #invert_logic: true

wired circuit is:
GND of pi >> Switch IN >> Switch OUT >> 1k resistor >> GPIO Input

switch is normally OPEN/GPIO HIGH/3.3VDC (CLOSE when door close/GPIO LOW magnet near/0VDC/)

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Thank you very much!

You are using gpio29 for the reed switch, right? (The “pull_mode” extra argument only works for gpio29(?))

No. everything with “#” is commented out(ignored by program)
No. Pull mode affects all listed inputs

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Hey, it works! You rock!
Last questions: I had a pir sensor connected. Can i still use the PIR sensor with the “pull_up” argument? Should i be careful what i connect to the pi-hass now or its possible to define the pull up/down to the ports individually.

Personally, I prefer wired sensors. I feel it is more responsive, reliable and less maintenance (no need to change batteries). however, I am wondering what happen if you run out of GPIO pins?

YES. PIR usually have switch to set as NO or NC.
I use NC(normally close). Doesn’t matter…Just determines what will be ON or OFF in HA(motion or no motion)

Most home alarm have 8 zones
Raspberry Pi has about 18. That’s enough for any home. You may also place sensors in series.
I Previously had 2 seperate instances and used MQTT eventstream to pass GPIO values to Master Ha instance. Worked with NO delay. Chain multiple Pi together to expand inputs

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Does the pull up argument need to be added after every GPIO input for it to work in pull mode? Could you give example if so? It seems to have gone unanswered here, there seems to be myself and a another hving problems using push button switches where as by we are getting floating false positives on the inputs.

See this post here https://community.home-assistant.io/t/pi-gpio-binary-sesnsor/9300/8


I read long time ago that you can use i2c chip which has multiple GPIO pins for the case if you run out of GPIO. I actually trying to go this route as I wanna run only few wires to other side of the house and there connect devices.