Wirelesstag intergration via URL calling

I’m trying to get the data from wirelesstag.net into my HA

I think i’ve got this part right:
On wirelesstag.net setting I go to sensor setting and enter
Call URL - http://My_HA_IP:8123/api/states/sensor.{9}
HTTP Verb (POST) - {“state”: “{2}”, “attributes”: {“humidity”:"{3}"}}

I Checked the box - “This URL uses private IP address (Call from Tag Manager)”

As soon as I did this I got a pop up on HA saying IP xxx (The IP my wirelesstag manager) was trying to access HA.
so added the IP of my tag manger to trusted networks.

Assuming the above is correct,

1)where can I check what info the wirelesstag is sending to HA

  1. What do I enter into the HA config file ?
    something like ? please help with syntax below :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


  • platform: template
    entity_id: sensor.{9}
    value_template: ‘{{ value_json.d[0].temperature | round(2) }}’

I will be very greatful if anyone can help :slight_smile:

Be careful with the payload from the wirelesstag manager. There is a 140 character limit (or maybe it was 120, I don’t remember).

If you are going the route of template sensor, you need to give the template sensor another name. Let the call from wirelesstag manager “create” a sensor for you with temp/humidity and battery voltage and then have 1 or 3 template sensors split it out.

I guess you could forgo that and let the tag manager call in 2 or three times, once for each, temp/humidity/volt

I am playing around with a custom component and custom sensor but I am having a different problem, otherwise I’d pass along what I have.

I have 11 of those things around the house.

148 character limit - thank for the info

I think I’ve got the wirelesstag.net URL calling side sorted.

I’m stuck on how to display this within HA
Basically i don’t know how to enter my sensor into the config file.

Can anyone share an example of the code they would use in the config.yaml
to show the temp from my URL call in the first post ?

or is there more to it then that ?


See this post.

Have you made any progress with the custom sensor?

i wrote a quick guide

I did, but it is pretty specific for my use case and not very robust. I can put out somewhere if you really wanted it.

No worries, I just can’t figure out how to get the battery levels in HASS.

I get temp, Humidity and Luminace, but not Battery.

I have my tags working but I have 5 sensors and only see one?