WTH Ability to create user-defined device entity

I would like to be able to add free-form or list based field added to a device as an additional entity.

Specifically, I want to be able to add an additional entity to existing devices.

Once it is created, HA should interact with the field as with any other entity.

Example use:
sensor.weathersensor.batterylevel tells me the percentage the battery is at. What kind of battery is it though?

I would like to add sensor.weathersensor.batterytype and enter the value CR2032 in it. Maybe it is a predefined list that I defined for this field (e.g. CR2477, CR2450, CR2430, AA, AAA, 9V), maybe it is freeform.

This is already a wth. There’s 2 different variations.

Got it. How do I close this?

I can close it, but I’ll find the other threads. Many flavors:

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