WTH can't I easily change an integration's password from the frontend?

There doesn’t seem to be a mechanism in place to edit an integration’s configuration from the frontend.
For example, I change my iCloud password, but I have no way to replicate this change in Home Assistant short of manually editing the config entries file, which I’m not sure is a desirable solution.

Having a framework for integrations to allow editing settings (not necessarily limited to passwords) would be interesting I think!

Yes agree
A specific case of the one I just created an hour or so ago.

But careful. It is a security issue to show passwords in a UI. So if implemented existing passwords should not be displayed. Just show that one is defined and give you the option to change it.

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ha! I was looking for existing entries similar to this but I have missed yours!
I agree that passwords are a specific usecase and should ideally be edited through a masked password field.

I think we really need general guidelines for integrations developers to follow, like it was done with many aspects of Home Assistant

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