WTH Can't I mount a Remote Share (NAS, SMB, NFS, etc) in HAOS?

Not the first when using a VM and tried the second which did not work.

There’s a preview here Common Tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant

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using a VM… attatch the storage to the machine with your hypervisor. then its standard linux mounting

using docker, map it with your docker compose. then its standard linux mounting

using ha os plug in your usb or sata, then its standard linux mounting

for cifs & nfs, its standard linux mounting for all those options

if you want to mount anything, go to terminal.

the limitation is you have to mount to a directory under one of the paths that ha core maps in its container. ie /config /share or /media

Wow, that sounds fantastic! Is that in HAOS 10.2? Can’t wait to see it.

Thank you, but this FR was for a remote share for HAOS, not a local USB or SATA drive or other OS. It was nice to summarize all those options in one post, and I appreciate it, but I don’t want anyone to misunderstand and think those are solutions to the original FR.

as I said. its standard linux mount commands whether its usb, sata, cifs, smb, nfs

mount -t nfs3 /media/MOVIES

by options I meant VM, docker, or HAOS… same as I listed for direct attatched hardware

Good news everyone!


Shh don’t spoil it


Ooooo, Nice!! I’m gonna be all over that version. I might even install the (gasp!) .0 release this month.

This is a real, solid improvement. Ditto for the database improvements we’ve been seeing. It’s always good to see someone is still working on core functionality, not just tweaking the UI or adding shiny new features. You’ve restored my faith in humanity. Or, at least, the ones who code open-source projects.

I wont’ tell :wink:

Please tell me I’m not dreaming.

Then why has nothing worked after spending days on trying every possible permutation?

not sure what to tell you.

Ive got many remote mounts setup between my 3 HA instances :woman_shrugging:

Official support is here.


Except I can’t work out the syntax to get it to work. It also does not like shares with guest access.

Make sure you set up the share name all in lowercase.

Yep, as always.

It was great to see this finally address, thank you!!

However, if you want to use this feature for backing up HA, to minimize the number of writes to your local drive, there might be a problem.

Specifically, testing has suggested that HA doesn’t create the backup on the remote share, but creates it locally then copies it there.

Obviously this does nothing to reduce the writes to a local drive which might be constrained, either because of limited space or because it’s an SD card with limited lifetime writes.

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I don’t think creating the files on the network storage is the best solution. I could be wrong. I’m also not sure creating the backup on the SD card is a huge issue. However, I wonder if it’s possible to create the backup in RAM then copy over as long as it doesn’t exceed available RAM. IMHO SD cards are for people starting out so I think that should cover 99% of people with SD cards and low storage.

I suppose I’ve been “starting out” for three and a half years now.

People just starting out, using the default Recorder settings, are going to have a 3G+ database pretty quickly. I’d say they need an off-line backup system more than an experienced user who would perhaps understand better how HA works “under the hood” and possibly use a different backup strategy. Anyway, that’s my solution. Just avoid using the native HA backup at all.

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That’s why they’re called opinions. :laughing: Considering complete restarts are less common these days faster boot time is a big concern. I find SSD snappier and more reliable. They are very cheap now. The only downside of SSD I can think of is they are external unless you buy a special case.