WTH don't we have dynamic dashboard tabs/views?

This is possible using the (sadly deprecated) Custom Header plugin.

It would be nice to have the same functionality built-in to HA itself. And it should be easy to do since the functionality already exists as a third party plugin.

We should be able to use the state/attribute/etc of an entity to determine the visibility of a tab/view or possibly even entire dashboard.

Even tagging entities/devices and having lovelace filter on that (or area, etc.) would be super nice. Tags would be awesome for things you’d want in more than one lovelace “view”

Everyone should vote for this. We can change themes dynamically, but not dashboard? WTH?!

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This is actually called Dashboard strategies and is built-in and available for use for custom developers.
We have some Dashboard strategies in use (for example, the Energy dashboard).

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But my WTH was for tabs/views and dashboards was only as a “maybe this too”.

I care way less about dynamic dashboards than I do dynamic tabs/views.

I just didn’t want to loose focus on what the WTH was meant to be for.

I think you misunderstand… Tabs and views are part of an dashboard…

Anyways, I’m just highlighting the capability of it being there. If someone wants to pick up something like this to contribute, it could give them an handle.

That’s cool that there is already something like this out there, hopefully it makes it to everyone. I would hop all over it because, coupled with Remote Assistant, you could essentially have the work-around for not being able to link two houses through the app

Yes but if I have a dashboard of my own but I don’t need/want to see every tab all the time having dynamic tabs just like Custom Header does/did is great.

I have about 5 tabs I hide until certain conditions are met and then I make them visible.

Having to change dashboards to ones with different views on those conditions is at a minimum inconvenient if it’s even possible.

I’ve got a WTF about exactly this: WTH can't I tag entities and use tags queries for service calls?

Assuming that your device(s) can configure themselves with HA and provide additional attributes (or, you manually set attributes in customize.yaml) then it would be amazing to do something like this:

in your customize.yaml:

  tag_lightType: ['interior', 'nightLight']

  <... add the `tag_lightType` attribute for other entities, too ...>

And then for a card, you might do something like this

type: entity-filter
  - "tag_lightType":
     - contains: "nightLight"

You can do this with groups, but depending on the number of uses for the tag/attributes, you might have a TON of groups and maintaining them all would be a nightmare.

For anybody looking for a more helpful reply, the way to do it is buried @ the bottom here:

- type: entity-filter
    title: "Upcoming Holidays In Next 7 Days"
    show_header_toggle: false
    - operator: regex
      value: "^([0-7]{1})$"
      attribute: eta
    - entity: sensor.upcoming_ical_holidays_0
    - entity: sensor.upcoming_ical_holidays_1
    - entity: sensor.upcoming_ical_holidays_2
    - entity: sensor.upcoming_ical_holidays_3
    - entity: sensor.upcoming_ical_holidays_4
  show_empty: false

The second to last example shows a regex filter which - apparently - has been a thing for the last ~3 years:

I doubt that this is the solution that was requested - this does only show entities in a specific card, when a condition is met - similar as the “conditional” for some cards.

BUT: it would still be required to have that card on a dashboard - or tab / View of a dashboard.

the requested solution was probably more like that:

  • I have a Tab / View for “MediaPlayer Controll”… on this tab, I have all the different cards I need to controll the media shown on my TV - for example.
    But I don’t need that tab to be available all the time, because my TV is off… the tab shoul donly be shown if my TV is on - and ONLY THEN I need all the stuff provided on that tab.