WTH Expand energycards yaml so in custom dashboard they can easily display a "week" or "month" and "last year's month" etc without "Energy date picker"

The energycards are cool, but I would be so happy If I could easily build my own compact and 1-view-says-it-all energy dashboard. Because now you can make changes using the “Energy date picker” to change the view…bu the “compare view” doesnt’ work on custom dashboards.

But it would be nice if I could go next level. So I can make an overview displaying Jan, Feb, March 2021 etc beside eachother horizontal, and below the current year (auto updating for next year) or the compaired-view that somehow allready excist. So I can make one energy comparision that imidiately shows what I want to see instead of using the “Energy date picker” to toggle it everytime…

Using the history graph or statistics graph is very difficult (maybe even impossible) to pick an (auto updating) date-range from the statistics recorder. But their view can also be very nice to use…
I like the out-of-the-box technology of the Dashboardcards, do not want to go the Grafana route…that is too complex.

For this maybe also an esthetically pleasing compact layout of some energy card is needed if you make 4 colums on your dashboard so the 3-energy cards per colum would fit, displaying al 12 months of the year.

My other post is related :slight_smile: WTH Make HistoryGraph, StatisticsGraph and EnergyCards esthetically more a-like and add cake chart