WTH is it so frustrating to reposition cards on the Dashboard

Positioning of cards on the Dashboard UI is quite crucial to create a well-presented and functional interface for users. But i find that moving the position of the cards on the dashboard to be extremely frustrating.

Pressing the up/down buttons will (seemingly) randomly move the card to a different column and if you have conditional entity cards enabled they will show up when editing the dashboard and move all the other cards around. There’s also little control over the size of individual cards.

A nice drag & drop solution to move cards around on the dashboard and maybe even resize them would be fantastic! Who knows - maybe even a possibility to move cards between dashboards in the UI!

Yes this!!

Vote it then :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree with your request fully.

And because I feel, that this will not change soon, just a hint to solve this until then: Use horizontal and vertical stacks. It results in very stable views :wink:

This is a problem with the positioning of cards, which I describe in the topic related to the availability of HomeAssistant (compliance with the WCAG guidelines). Cards move in columns (up / down), not in rows (left / right).

  • In the view, we add the “button” tab, we want to turn on the light with it.
  • Please duplicate the added button 5 times.
  • We now have 6 buttons in the view (2 rows of 3 buttons, 3 columns of 2 buttons).
  • Now go over the buttons with the tab key.
  • We will go over the buttons in the order (vertical letters, horizontal numbers) a1, b1, a2, b2, a3, b3. There should be a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3. The focus should move across the buttons (by tabs) from left to right, line by line. Now it goes from top to bottom, column by column.

I hope that I have described the problem graphically.

More about this issue from the accessibility point of view at the link below (vote, compliance with WCAG as you can see helps everyone :slight_smile: ):

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