WTH is "The users group still a work in progress"

Copy pasta from the Users page in HA :wink:

I think it would be nice to have user levels.
An example:

Superuser/admin - me doing all the HA configuration and setup, adding stuff etc
Regular user - Access to (all/some of) the dashboards, cannot change any configuration --> my girlfriend who uses HA on her phone most of the time, she can interact with the dashboard but should not be able to accidently change configuration
Restricted user - e.g. for kids, can only access or do actions you specifically allow like turning on/off lights in their room, but cannot open the garage door (perhaps not needed and also possible with regular user?)

How much of this is already implemented / on the roadmap? I know there is a regular user level already.

See here: WTH!? No RBAC - Role Based Access Control?

Please vote there.

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Closed in favor of the other topic.