WTH is there no built-in switch confirmation/restriction?

I have a few switches (e.g. garage door opener, sensitive electronics etc.) that I would like to prevent from being accidentally pushed.
Unfortunately this requires external cards (which then restrict the card and not that one entity).

Why is there no way to define a switch as “confirmation only” or “restricted” so it cannot be triggered by mistake.

And ideally actually define user rights (so e.g. kids cannot trigger it, my wife can with confirmation and I can without restriction).

Thank you

Similarly I use a smart plug to monitor the power consumption of my pc to trigger automations (turning a power strip on/off with PC accessories / controlling lights / fans etc).

Never want that to be accidentally turned off so being able to lock it at the UI / require an extra step / block it from external control (e.g. Google Home/ Assistant) with one option would be very welcome.

I’ve even labelled it daftyly - xEsktop xOmputer - in a random room so accidental voice commands can’t trigger it (e.g. if I were to add Alexa control and overlook blocking it from Alexa).


I have a button to open my garage door, that I don’t want accidentally pressed.

I’d extend this to be able to lock UI controls so I can set a single input_boolean to lock various UI controls.

e.g. if no one is home or in the vicinity, then lock external door controls so they cannot be accidentally activated while away. I currently power down my garage door controls while away.

Could be joigned with

Force entity as readonly or protected

For your specific example, can’t you open up the power plug’s device page, find the switch entity, and either hide or disable it? That allows you to keep all the power monitoring functionality but eliminate the ability to turn it on & off.

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Good idea - don’t think that was an option (at least via the GUI) when I first added it! As you say imply the consumption figures are still enabled while the switch is disabled.