WTH is with all the empty visual real-estate in automation/script editors, configuration page, etc?

In wide-screen, the Configuration page (as well as automation/script editors, etc) is a two-column layout.

On the right is a long column of buttons, forcing you to scroll every time for important stuff like Server Controls and Logs.

On the left, is the “Configure Home Assistant” header, and a single paragraph of text. Leaving a huge void on the left-hand side.

Seems like very valuable real-estate left un-used. If filled with other buttons, for example, it could reduce scrolling, or allow for other UI options.

Same thing with the automation/script editors, but I’m not sure what should occupy that void – probably would look very cluttered to have, say, triggers and conditionals on the left, and actions on the right.

I have noticed this many many times, as I scroll down past all the empty space :slight_smile:

That depends on how “blown up” your screen is. But I agree there is a lot of waste space in some views.

In addition, when you run it on 4K, 42" monitor, a lot of things is too big making it not confortable to read.

Agreed. This is slightly related to topic WTH do all tabs look so different? (developer tools, supervisor and configuration), where I proposed that the various “groups” on the base configuration screen should be floating/tiled boxes arranged similar to the boxes on the add-on page.